Our Leadership

Meet the 2020-2021 CAHSD Executive Board

The statewide activities of the California High School Democrats are run through the Executive Board, which is made up of the elected state Chair and Vice Chair along with members appointed at the Chair's discretion. The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all CAHSD chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvment.

Chair: Claire Liu

Claire Liu ([email protected]) is passionate about women's rights, climate change, and gun control. She is the President of the Women's WEllness club and is co-founding a High School Democrats chapter at her school. Outside of politics and advocacy, she enjoys writing, singing and dancing in her school's show choir, going to debate competitions, and participating in Youth and Government. Claire is a sophomore at Glendora High School and is based in Glendora, California.

Vice Chair: Joleen Bakalova

Joleen Bakalova ([email protected]) is a sophomore from Redlands in Southern California. After a deadly shooting behind her house was met with no subsequent measures from local government, she was driven to take action in the political sphere. She joined and was elected an Executive Board member at her county's Young Democrats club, started a local High School Democrats chapter at her school, and was chosen to be Vice Chair of the Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus. Among many other issues, she is Passionate about gun control, climate justice, racial equity/police brutality, and reproductive freedom. Outside of politics, she enjoys playing the piano, singing in her school’s choir, performing in speech and debate, and competing on her school’s Varsity golf team. Joleen is thrilled to represent and synergize CAHSD’s strong and diverse membership and looks forward to getting to know local chapter leaders and general members throughout the state.

Chief of Staff: Irin Shim

Irin Shim ([email protected]) serves as Chief of Staff for the California High School Democrats. She is passionate about climate change, immigration rights, universal healthcare, and education standards, advocating for justice and equality for all, regardless of race, gender, or income. Outside of CAHSD, Irin is deeply involved in her community and beyond. She serves as the student body president for Great Oak High School, a Gold Award Girl Scout, and the Key Club International Trustee for the Pacific Northwest, New York, and Caribbean-Atlantic Districts. She is a recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award and is based in Temecula.

Communications Director: Adam Tobeck

Adam Tobeck ([email protected]) is serving as Communications Director for the California High School Democrats. He is a Senior in Los Angeles and is passionate about voting rights, gun violence protection, and climate change. Adam is excited about advancing Democratic ideals throughout California and electing Democrats up and down the ballot to create a more equitable and just society.

Policy Director: Rohin Ghosh

Hi, my name is Rohin Ghosh ([email protected]). I'm proud to stand with the party that stands up for people who need help wherever or whoever they are. Fighting for justice for working people and the environment is my calling to the Democratic Party. If we fight together, there's nothing we can't accomplish!

Political Director: Tristan Galvan

Tristan Galvan ([email protected]) serves as the Political Director for CAHSD. Previously, he was a Community Organizer for Kamala Harris for the People and is currently part of th eEvents Committee for CAHSD and KHive for Biden. He is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, smart gun safety, and climate change. Outside of fighting for what he believes in, he enjoys pursuing leadership in student government, being an officer for his local Best Buddies chapter, and pursuing a medical future through his school's Medical Connections club. Tristan is a junior at Santiago High School and is based in Corona.

Northern Regional Director: Ishi Sood

Ishi Sood ([email protected]) is serving as the the Northern Regional Director for the California High School Democrats. She is passionate about various issues plaguing her local and global community, such as climate change, criminal justice reform, and educational inequality. She can’t wait to worth with CAHSD to mobilize California’s democratic youth.

Southern Regional Director: Madeleine Bloomer

Madeleine Bloomer ([email protected]) is the Southern Regional Director for the California High School Democrats. Madeleine first became invested in Democratic politics during the 2016 election and went on to founder her local High School Democrats chapter in order to share her passion with others in her community. Now, as a senior in high school, she hopes to expand her impact at the state level. Outside of her involvement in politics, Madeleine is active at both her high school and in the community. She is in her high school marching band and is president of the Girls Who Code club. She is also part of the volunteer program at her local hospital and hopes to go into medicine in the future.

Finance Director: Noam Emerson-Fleming

Noam Emerson-Fleming ([email protected]) is serving as this year's Finance Director. He has previously participated in the Los Angeles Mayor's Youth Council, tackling issues like homelessness and gunviolence. He is the HR Co-Chair for High School Jews4Joe and was on the executive board for California High Schoolers for Biden.

Editor-in-Chief of the Golden Progressive: Ria Chaudhary

Ria Chaudhary ([email protected]) is excited to serve as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Golden Progressive. She is also serving as a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Vertigo Literary Magazine and is a Writing Lead and co-founder at Bay Area Uncovered. Her political interests center around equity, especially in education, and she has been advocating within her community to ensure equal opportunity and protection for all. Out side of High School Democrats, she dances competitively, does mock trial, and plans rallies at Lynbrook High School, where she will be a senior in the fall. She's also an avid coffee drinker and mediocre driver, and hopes you all enjoy this year as part of CAHSD!

Please feel free to email any members of the Executive Board if you have any questions or suggestions!


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From the suburban neighborhoods of Orange County to the bustling streets of San Francisco, we work tirelessly to support Democratic candidates and legislation.

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CAHSD leadership consists of an Chair and Vice Chair elected annually, and an appointed Executive Board that works to conduct statewide initiatives and plan events.

Our Leadership

The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvment.

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