HSDA Caucus System

Make Sure Your Voice is Represented at the National Level

We are proud to announce the roll-out of HSDA's Caucus system! HSDA has struggled with diversity and inclusion in the past, and this year, we hope to make it a priority to ensure that marginalized communities have both a seat at the table and a safe space in HSDA to discuss their concerns and build a community.

What will a caucus do?

Caucuses will meet once every two weeks, and programming will be determined for the caucus chair, in conjunction with the membership of each caucus. Caucuses have blank checks to pursue whatever programming they want, from hosting discussions to taking action on behalf of a candidate, the caucus members can decide what type of programming they want to undertake.

What caucuses are there?

This year, we will be having:

  • A Black Caucus
  • A Women’s Caucus
  • An LGBTQ+ Caucus
  • A Latinx Caucus
  • A Jewish Caucus
  • An Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus
  • A Rural Caucus
  • A Muslim Caucus
  • Disabilities and Neurodivergent Peoples Caucus
  • Indigenous Peoples Caucus
  • First Generation Caucus
  • Red-State Caucus

If you are interested in joining any of these caucuses, you can fill out the form here. If you feel that you identify with a community that has not been represented in any of these caucuses, you can fill out the form here to express interest in creating a caucus that is relevant to your identity.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the National Chair Jack Greenspan at [email protected].

Welcome to CAHSD

Our Mission

From the suburban neighborhoods of Orange County to the bustling streets of San Francisco, we work tirelessly to support Democratic candidates and legislation.

Our Bylaws

CAHSD leadership consists of an Chair and Vice Chair elected annually, and an appointed Executive Board that works to conduct statewide initiatives and plan events.

Our Leadership

The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvment.

Find a Chapter

Local chapters, located within individual high schools and communities across the country, make up the pulse of the High School Democrats of America as a whole.