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Meet the 2023-2024 CAHSD Executive Board and Staff

The statewide activities of the California High School Democrats are run through the Executive Board, which is made up of the elected state Chair and Vice Chair along with members appointed at the Chair's discretion. The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all CAHSD chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvement.

CAHSD Executive Board

Chair: Nicolas Kiet Quach

Pronouns: He/Him

Nicolas Kiet Quach ([email protected]) serves as the Chair of the California High School Democrats. He is a Library Trustee based in Los Angeles County, the youngest Library Trustee in the United States and served three terms on the Alhambra Youth Commission. In July 2022, he was hired by Student Voice, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which works to advance education justice nationwide. In August 2022, Nicolas was hired as the Field Director for the Project Super Bloom PAC. Currently, he works for Alhambra Councilwoman Sasha Renee Perez's campaign for California State Senate. Nicolas is also the LA Regional Director of the California Young Democrats and President of the Alhambra Young Democrats. In 2022, he was recognized by the Los Angeles Democratic Party as Democrat of the Year.

Vice Chair: Alexander Grenier

Pronouns: He/Him

Alexander Grenier ([email protected]) is a senior at Dunn School in the Santa Ynez Valley. He is very passionate about politics; before being elected as CAHSD Vice Chair, he served as the Regional Director for the Central Coast. Outside of CAHSD, Alexander serves as the Vice Chair of the Solvang Tourism Committee and as his school’s Student Government President. Alexander is also the Captain of his school’s Cross Country team.

Chief of Staff: Bryant Pranboonpluk

Pronouns: He/Him

Bryant Pranboonpluk ([email protected]) serves as the Chief of Staff for California High School Democrats! Bryant is a senior from Pasadena and currently attends Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. As his school's ASB President, Bryant is super involved and passionate about cultivating a positive student atmosphere at his school and working to strengthen the relationship between students and the administration. He is extremely invested in pushing for education equity, gun control, and ending racial injustice. In his spare time, Bryant loves listening to music, golfing, playing chess, and hanging out with friends. Bryant is very excited to continue to push for change in the CAHSD Board this term and working to make sure that every voice is heard within CAHSD!

Communications Director: Katie Lee

Pronouns: She/Her

Katie Lee ([email protected]) is a senior at Woodbridge High School in Orange County, California, and is so excited to serve as Communications Director of California High School Democrats! She has loved getting involved with student leadership for the past three years of school, currently serving as Senior Class President, and as the President of her school’s JSA chapter to increase youth civic engagement. She likes to spend her time in her community by working at the City of Irvine’s youth camps as well as serving on the board of her school’s CSF chapter to spread her passion for community involvement. She is passionate about mental health, educational equity, and racial justice. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends, listening to music, and both film and theatre acting! Katie is beyond excited about her journey with advocacy on the CAHSD team this year.

Communications Director: Sophene Avedissian

Pronouns: She/Her

Sophene Avedissian ([email protected]) serves as Press Communications Director for California High School Democrats. Sophene is a junior from Los Angeles and is thrilled to serve on the CAHSD Executive Board for her second year. Sophene’s love of writing sparked her passion for politics. As a contributor to her school’s newspaper and other online publications, she enjoys writing about political issues and events from a youth lens. Along with writing, Sophene is passionate about advocacy and serves as a cohort member of the ACLU of Southern California’s Youth Liberty Squad, where she advocates for issues affecting California youth such as school-based mental health and art access in schools. In her free time, Sophene loves playing soccer, baking, and volunteering in her community. Sophene is excited to continue growing and strengthening CAHSD this term.

Expansion Director: Ria Voodi

Pronouns: She/Her

Ria Voodi ([email protected]) is a senior from Los Angeles and is excited to serve as the Expansion Director for CAHSD this year! After joining speech and debate in middle school, she learned about the importance of effective policy and the inequalities faced throughout the country. This sparked her interest in politics, particularly youth representation in politics. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and family, listening to music, and going for scenic drives. Ria is so excited to help expand and strengthen CAHSD this term!

Policy Director: Sue Oh

Pronouns: She/They

Sue Oh ([email protected]) is a rising senior at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton. They are passionate about policy, student voice, and identity equity. Sue serves multiple policy positions in organizations including but not limited to CASC, Generation Up, ACSA, and California PTA. Other than working on state policy, Sue also loves to get involved with their community on the local level through their school ASB, job as a Starbucks barista, and internships. Sue is always exploring their cultural heritage as a first-generation Korean and their intersectionality; using speech and debate as a platform to speak about their personal experience. In their free time, you can find them reading all sorts of books, drinking and making coffee, and playing with their lovable cats. Sue looks forward to raising student voices in the legislative sphere and empowering students to create change!

Deputy Policy Director: Dorsa Khatibloo

Pronouns: She/Her

Dorsa Khatibloo ([email protected]) serves as the Deputy Policy Director for California High School Democrats! Dorsa is a senior from San Clemente and currently attends Santa Margarita Catholic High School. As her school’s Debate President and Captain, Dorsa is very dedicated and driven to constructing a productive and educated community of youth through debate and education on hot-button issues. Her desire to formulate stricter gun control, fight for women’s rights, and the people of Iran is evident in her extensive advocacy in the given issues. Dorsa loves to read and listen to music in her free time as well as hang out with some of her closest friends. Dorsa is very excited for the continuation of advocacy in the topics, she is passionate about in the CAHSD Board this term and is driven to accurately advocate for everyone in CAHSD!

Political Director: Amir King

Pronouns: He/Him

Amir King ([email protected]) is a rising senior attending Temple City High School. He is proud to serve as California High School Democrats' Political Director, with a background in community organizing and electoral work. Gun control, environmental justice, labor, public transportation, and getting corporate money out of government are some of his top priorities. Since his start in organizing with the Sunrise Movement, he has worked in the Offices of Assemblymember Mike Fong (AD-49) and State Senator Anthony Portantino (SD-25). Amir recognizes the need to push for local change and accountability as well as ensuring California does its part in taking the lead on national reforms. Beyond CAHSD, Amir sits as the Student Board Member on the Board of Temple City Unified School District, a member of Temple City's Youth Committee, the Governor for the Southern California Junior State of America, and a former member of Los Angeles Metro Youth Council. Outside of his passion for change, he is a big fan of traveling with buses, enjoying sunsets, and boba. He's excited for this upcoming year and is proud to serve alongside CAHSD's Executive Board for the 2023-2024 year.

Deputy Political Director: Alfredo Hernandez Jr.

Pronouns: He/Him

Alfredo Hernandez ([email protected]) serves as the Deputy Political Director of the California High School Democrats. He currently holds the position of Vice-President in his school's Associated Student Body and is also the President and Founder of the KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School Democrats, a local chapter focused on addressing federal and local political issues that deeply impact their community. Alfredo is a passionate advocate who is willing to take on any issue he believes in, even if it requires starting from scratch to find a solution. He has actively tackled crucial political matters at both the state and local levels, including issues such as charter school resentment and homelessness. Alfredo firmly believes in providing students, regardless of their social, political, or economic identities, with the opportunity to thrive in a successful school environment. He values choice and is committed to holding elected officials accountable, as he has done within his local school district, the East Side Union High School District. Alfredo also firmly believes that youth advocacy is crucial for shaping the future of society. He emphasizes that it is our responsibility to come together and address important issues. By working collaboratively as a team, we have the power to make a significant impact and create real change. As the Deputy Political Director, Alfredo will prioritize the California High School Democrats and their mission. During his free time, Alfredo enjoys playing basketball with his teammates and going on morning hikes to stay active. He is an engaging and proactive individual. Alfredo is eager to serve as your Deputy Political Director and is excited for the upcoming term.

Local Operations Director: Kasey Lee

Pronouns: She/Her

Kasey Lee ([email protected]) is an incoming senior from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton. In her free time, she loves to get brunch with her friends, go to the beach, and review matcha lattes from local cafes. She is incredibly honored to serve as the next Local Operations Director and is excited to work with the next Regional Committee to ensure that the political initiatives and events in every region are diverse, engaging, and accessible for all members.

Finance Director: George Balan

Pronouns: He/Him

George Balan ([email protected]) serves as Finance Director for the California High School Democrats. Currently attending Miramonte High School in Orinda, George also acts as his school's sophomore class treasurer. With a background in progressive politics, he strives to push for LGBTQ+ acceptance and tolerance within each Californian community. Aside from his advocacy work, he enjoys learning about the French language and culture, which he pursues through an internship with Éducation Française Bay Area (EFBA), and through leading the Miramonte French Club as President. Hoping to strengthen CAHSD, George is thrilled to be part of the 2023-2024 Executive Board.

Please feel free to email any member of the Executive Board if you have any questions or suggestions.

CAHSD Regional Directors

North State Regional Director: Vacant

North Coast Regional Director: Vacant

Bay Area Regional Director: Sierra Sun

North Valley Regional Director: Vacant

South Valley Regional Director: Vacant

Central Coast Regional Director: Vacant

Los Angeles Regional Director: Vacant

Inland Empire Regional Director: Brileigh Guillen

Orange County Regional Director: Antonia Park

South State Regional Director: Vacant

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The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvement.

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