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Reach out to CAHSD Leadership

Members of the CAHSD Executive Board focus on specific tasks to move our organization forward in the most efficient ways. Please refer below to determine the best leaders to contact for your purposes.

Local Chapters & Members

If you're starting or participating in a CAHSD Chapter, please contact State Chair George Balan with any inquiries at [email protected].

Democratic Clubs

If you're a representative of a Democratic Club that would like to work with CAHSD, please contact CAHSD Political Director Patrick Done at [email protected].

Advocacy Organizations

If you're a representative of a nonprofit organization, a grassroots organization, or a legislative lobbying group that is interested in working with CAHSD, please contact CAHSD Policy Director Fiona Lu at [email protected].


If your organization or campaign is interested in partnering with CAHSD to raise money, please contact CAHSD Finance Director Lilly Leonhardt at [email protected].


If you're an organizer for a Democratic campaign on any level and would like to inquire about high school students getting involved, please contact CAHSD Political Director Patrick Done at [email protected].


If you're a member of the press that would like to cover the work that CAHSD is currently doing, please contact CAHSD Communications Director Sophene Avedissian at [email protected].

If you feel that your purpose does not fall into any of the categories above, please contact our Chief of Staff, Nathan Morton ([email protected]).

Welcome to CAHSD

Our Mission

From the suburban neighborhoods of Orange County to the bustling streets of San Francisco, we work tirelessly to support Democratic candidates and legislation.

Our Bylaws

CAHSD leadership consists of an Chair and Vice Chair elected annually, and an appointed Executive Board that works to conduct statewide initiatives and plan events.

Our Leadership

The Executive Board works to expand and promote the organization while also ensuring that all chapters and members are connected with opportunities to grow their political involvment.

Find a Chapter

Local chapters, located within individual high schools and communities across the country, make up the pulse of the High School Democrats of America as a whole.